fredag den 6. februar 2015

Inspiring article talking about story and how some of the stories made from boards can create thrilling results. (click picture to go to article)
Tuck Tucker

tirsdag den 11. november 2014

Google Spotlight Stories & ATAP

Fantastic article talking the Google Spotlight stories. I was lucky enough to work on the first two. Glen Keane did Duets which is Episode 3 and Justin Lin directed a live action called HELP! which is Episode 4. Also it looks like the two episode I worked on is not only going to be available on Moto X and Moto G since Google kept ATAP when they sold Motorola to Lenovo. So 'Buggy Night' and 'Windy Day' is potentially going to be available on 1 billion Android devices in the future.
Link to article